Friday Photo: A Night At The Movies

1044260_533536813374051_462065208_nOne of my absolute favorite things this summer has been going to outdoor movies.  There are events all around LA with food trucks, live music, and cult classics like Say Anything, Clueless, and Fight Club.  Imagine my surprise when Steve, Bea, Mitch, and I ended up on the Eat See Hear facebook page.  As a blogger I often stop what I’m doing to photograph things around me – and it’s sort of cool to see my family in a candid moment.

Have a great weekend!

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2 Responses to Friday Photo: A Night At The Movies

  1. I love the idea of outdoor movies, and this is a great photograph of you and your peeps.

  2. Great shot! Looks like y’all were having a blast :)

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