I Made A Coffee Table That Everyone Else On The Internet Has Already Made

414R4PSHgWL._SY300_My design philosophy in this house has been cheap, dog-friendly (see: cheap), minimalist, modern, and using what’s available as much as possible. Our last place was a rental, and we were moving cross-country, so we actually bought a lot of our furniture from the previous tenant. Then our landlord had an extra 10 x 14 rug that they asked us if we wanted to use it during our stay in the apartment which of course we said yes. Rugs get really expensive, especially ones that big!

Though I have Continue reading

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I Painted The Inside Of My Coat Closet And Now I Can’t Find My Coats

IMG_2146 (3)Unlike the linen closet and the pantry, the coat closet was fairly usable and not disgusting when we moved in. Sure it had chipped paint, and dirt that wouldn’t budge even after copious scrubbing, but it was functional. So we put our coats in there and left it alone. Plus, who needs a coat closet in Los Angeles anyway?

Cut to a few weeks ago, Continue reading

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So I Took A Little Vacation

IMG_1228You may have noticed that recently I haven’t been, well, blogging. I’ve been grinding away for a few years now, and this past month I decided to take some time off. I love writing here, It’s creative outlet to share the things I love, that inspire, and of course the things that enrage.

Blogging is so different today than it was 10, even 5 years ago. It’s gotten so branded and it’s difficult not to get caught up in the social media craziness of it all. The sponsored posts, the number of followers. The 20 somethings with endless energy to create curated instagram photos. That is not me. I’m more of a life liver than a life capturer.

I needed some time to regroup and decide what the next steps were. I’m fortunate to have a great foundation, professional life, and family beyond this site that I’m able to do this as a passion project. So here’s the plan:

I’ll still write when I am inspired. I will share my favorite recipes, future surgeries, beauty steals, house updates, dog love,and everything I find fun and interesting. I am taking a step back from the business side of blogging, and will focus on the creative parts, the sharing, and the community. I’m so looking forward to making this a treat, and I hope you’ll stick around.

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Recipe: Sesame Ginger Granola

Sesame Ginger OatmealI  generally steer clear store-bought granola for two reasons. First: the ingredients. Even the organic stuff at whole foods has tons of added sugar in its various forms.  Second: the price. Getting good quality is insanely expensive relative to making it yourself. I can make my own granola for pennies per serving, whereas store-bought granola can be nearly $1 per serving.

Making granola is like cooking eggplant Continue reading

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Latest Obsessions from #SummerSoiree

beachOne of the fun aspects of writing about (toxin-free) beauty is attending beauty events to learn about latest fun new products and companies on the market. Since I prefer natural products, a lot of the events, while fun, aren’t exactly a fit. But the summer soiree thrown by Top Tier Beauty and Manfolk PR had sorts of natural companies in the mix. Excellent!

So off I went Continue reading

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