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I feel like I’ve been a bad blogger lately.  Between getting our house up to snuff, and a few consulting projects that have come in, I haven’t had as much kitchen / makeup time as I’d like.  On the plus side, I have discovered a whole new passion for interior design.  Not in the larger sense that I want to go design rooms in people’s houses, but more as a hobby for our house.  It’s a fun challenge to create a room that makes us feel at peace and at home, while still understanding that we live with two very shedding dogs and we have a budget to stick to.  I’ve been going to estate sales, trolling craigslist, and doing a bit of DIY – and it feels really good to create a space that feels truly like my own.

Steve had some gigs in Santa Barbara and Ojai a couple of weeks ago and the pups and I accompanied him (because Santa Barbara and Ojai).  We Continue reading

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The Bea List (And Mitch Too!): My Dog Product Picks

IMG_6466One of my passions outside of work is dog rescue and dog training.  I live for adoption happy endings.  As a dog owner, I want to make sure my dogs have the best nutrition and other products that I can afford to ensure they are happy, healthy, and live as long as possible.  I am not a vet, not a pet nutritionist, and not a dog expert, just a dog loving and dog savvy consumer that has done her homework and made informed decisions based on the information at hand and limits of her budget.  Here are the natural(ish) products I use for my dogs to keep them as healthy and happy as I can!

For Nourishment Continue reading

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Some Inspiration To Eat A Salad

Every time I’m bummed that I’m not eating grilled cheese (it happens more often than I would like, I am only human), all it takes is a story like this to snap me back into reality.  While my diet is not exactly the same as described in the video, the basic premise is the same.  Eat real food.  Eat as many vegetables as possible.  While it may not be the salty, sweet, addictive processed food we all love, the payoffs are beyond worth it.

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3 Ingredient Natural Deodorant

IMG_1029I call this deodorant but it’s really my go to powder for so many things.  I use it as dry shampoo.  I use it as a shoe deodorizer.  I use it on my dogs in between baths (and I sprinkle it on their beds in between washes).  And the best part – it costs like $2 for a tub of deodorant powder that lasts a long time.

One of the more…interesting parts of switching to natural deodorant Continue reading

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Happy “Gotcha” Day Bea & Mitch!

IMG_8679I’ve loved dogs my whole life.  I don’t know if it’s genetic, but every time I saw a dog, I would light up.  I begged my parents for one.  I pet every dog I was allowed to.  I knew that someday when I was a grown up I would have a dog of my own.  Dogs are such simple and joyous creatures and I wanted to experience sharing my life with one – or as it turns out now, two.

It’s somewhat rare to know your dog’s actual birthday if you adopt them from a shelter or rescue; often their ages are simply estimates by evaluating their teeth.  Steve and I assume our dogs birthdays are their adoption days, or their “gotcha” days.  It makes sense – it’s the first day of the rest of their lives.  We got Mitch nearly 1 year ago, and Bea 2 before that.  I can’t even remember what life was like before them and I can’t comprehend a life without them in it.

And so now Continue reading

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